Victorville Club Breaks Out In Violence Again

Victorville Club Breaks Out In Violence Again

VICTORVILLE – Violence broke out Sunday at a bar that had been shut down by the city council in August, only to later reopen by court order.

The Victorville City Council, a five-member panel, voted unanimously to pull the club’s conditional use permit on Aug. 6 when the county sheriff’s department requested the shutdown.

Part of the request revolved around two deaths, one a shooting and the other a hit-and-run in 2011. According to the Sheriff’s Department, several complaints forced the club’s closing. But club owners obtained a ruling on November 22nd by a San Bernardino Superior Court judge, who deemed that there hadn’t been enough evidence to support the initial closure and allowed it to reopen.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies were called to Teazers Bar & Grill on Seventh Street when a security officer encountered a male customer after two women were turned away from the club.

13900 block of Smoke Tree road, where Tyrell Smith was eventually cornered and arrested

13900 block of Smoke Tree road, where Tyrell Smith was eventually cornered and arrested

Police reports stated that one woman tried to enter with a fake ID, being turned away by two separate security guards. Later returning with another woman, who was apparently quite intoxicated, both were refused entry while friends were waiting inside.

A security guard, Charles Culpepper, was escorting the group to their cars when law enforcement arrived. He relayed to deputies that he had been threatened by one Tyrell Smith, a 29-year-old Apple Valley resident. Deputies then sought out Smith who, along with his entourage, had piled into two vehicles and drove off.

Trailing the two vehicles down the 13900 block of Smoke Tree Road, a dead-end street, deputies stopped Smith’s vehicle. One deputy fired a shot, but nobody was hit.

Smith was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats and booked into West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga on $50,000 bail.

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