He Needs to Clean Up His Own Act

HAWTHORNE, CA—His brush with the law landed him in jail for a variety of charges.

Marco Antonio Sanchez, 42, is a janitor and Hawthorne, CA resident who had two warrants with Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) when Hawthorne police picked him up on Monday, November 18 at approximately 7 p.m. along the 13600 block of Kornblum Avenue.

The 5’5″, 160-lb. Hispanic man was charged with spousal battery, obstructing and/or resisting arrest and assault on a person. His aforementioned priors with the LAPD involved a DUI and a failure to appear that was the apparent result of ignoring the the former charge.

Bail for Sanchez was set at a cumulative $52,093 between the two agencies. A Hawthorne police spokesman did not comment when asked if Sanchez would be given a clean sweep should he plead guilty to a lesser charge.

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