Noise complaint leads to attack

San Jose Police officers arrested 31-year-old Faisel Mohamed Abdulahi on April 14, 2012 for PC 242-243 (d) battery upon a person causing serious bodily injury. Abdulahi is also facing charges under PC 245 (A) (1) for causing great bodily injury with the use of force.Abdulahi is being charged with a series of violent felonies which will count as a strike against his criminal record.

Abdulahi’s next court hearing has been scheduled for December 11 this year at 9:00 AM in Dept. 35 for an assault that occurred at 2251 Shamrock Drive in Campbell, California.

A noise dispute in this neighborhood let to assault charges

According to the Campbell police department, pockets within the City of Campbell have been annexed from the Sheriffs dept.These pockets within Campbell are patrolled by the San Jose Police Department, and Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office. The City of Campbell has a mixed jurisdictional area. Campbell Police, along with the Santa Clara Sheriff’s office and San Jose Police Department respond to different areas within the city.

The San Jose Police Department received a 9-1-1 call by Abdulahi about his neighbors making too much noise.A noise complaint was filed, and no further assistance was needed. The next morning when the mother was taking her children to school, the suspect Abdulahi began to verbally assault her and her young children.When the boyfriend approached, Abdulahi immediately began to attack him with his fists knocking the victim to the ground.

The victim reported that he had been friends with Abdulahi for several years, however, they had not been speaking for some time. San Jose Police Investigators working the assault case learned that the victim had suffered a broken ankle during the attack and questioned Abdulahi about it.Abdulahi claimed he had only pushed the man, stating that he had broken his ankle during his fall.Despite Abdulahi’s confirmation of the incident, the victim and his girlfriend stated that the suspect Abdulahi was stomping on his ankle during the attack, and kicking at the victim while he was down on the ground.The girlfriend tried to stop the suspect by grabbing him, ending the brutal attack.

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