Perhaps He’s Not A “People Person”

INGLEWOOD, CA—The service industry is a job that some people are simply not cut out to pursue.

Jesus A. Potavila, 20, may have chosen the wrong career path but he’s young so perhaps he can find something else to do when he gets out of jail, like loan shark bill collector or street gang enforcer.

The self-professed “customer service” employee was picked up by Inglewood police on Thursday, October 31 around 1:30 p.m. on the corner of 107th Street and S. Prairie Avenue. The location was just a block from his address along the 10600 block of S. Prairie Avenue. The petite Hispanic man, whose 5’8″ frame held up a pithy 130-lb. body, was charged with “participating in criminal activity,” “threated crime with intent to terrorize,” fight/challenge to fight,” “battery” and “driving without a license.” The cumulative bail was set at $72,589.

It’s going to take a lot of tips for Potavila to post that bail but with the above-described behavior one wonders who would bother tipping him anyway.

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