‘Model’ Bandits Busted in Series of Crimes

Santa Barbara – Andrew James Holmberg, 22, Charles Randall Taylor, 25, and Justin Charles Moore, 30, have been busy boys, their recent activities in the city of Santa Barbara nothing less than a wanton and out-of-control crime wave.

Andrew James Holmberg

Holmberg and Taylor were arrested on November 11th, while Moore remains at large; all three are suspected in connection to what amounts to an impressive crime spree that includes “drug dealing, grand theft, robbery, and felony assaults,” according to Santa Barbara Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Riley Harwood.

Charles Randall Taylor

It all began on September 21st when an inebriated pedestrian’s car keys went missing and his car was stolen shortly thereafter. Investigation at that time identified Moore as the car thief and Holmberg as selling property stolen from the vehicle some time thereafter.

Just five days later, a homeless man was “attacked by three suspects and kicked repeatedly in the head until he lost consciousness,” Harwood reported. Investigation into that incident identified Holmberg and Moore as the assailants, pursuant to which Holmberg was arrested on November 6th while already in custody on other charges. An arrest warrant for Moore was issued at that time.

Justin Charles Moore

Then, on October 9th, Holmberg was determined upon investigation to be selling LSD at a downtown Santa Barbara shopping center, which led to a warrant search of his residence where stolen property and controlled substances were discovered. Two days later, another robbery occurred on a downtown street, with that victim being assaulted to the point of suffering a broken jaw and an orbital fracture. The following day, the same victim was assaulted once again. “Follow-up investigation identified the two suspects in the robbery as Holmberg and Taylor”, both of whom were also suspected of the subsequent battery a day later.

Still at large, the suspects were spotted driving in the downtown area and detained for the execution of a search warrant which revealed numerous controlled substances including psilocybin, ecstasy, LSD, and marijuana, along with various items of drug paraphernalia commonly used in the packaging and sales of drugs. Holmberg was arrested on charges of possession of controlled substances for sale, auto theft, robbery, battery, and assault with a deadly weapon. Taylor was booked on robbery, battery with GBI, and ADW.

Both men are held in Santa Barbara County Jail on $50,000 bail each. Moore remains at large with a $20,000 arrest warrant for auto theft and possession of stolen property. “Anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts is asked to call 911,” Harwood declared.

Photos: Courtesy Santa Barbara County Jail Booking

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