Blood Sport for Birds Busted

Blood Sport for Birds Busted

Santa Barbara County – Cockfighting is hardly for chickens, nor is it legal north of the International Border.  And, according to Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Kelly Hoover, when SBSD Deputies “responded to a large group of vehicles gathered on private property” late in the morning of January 5th, they likely had no idea that they were walking into the scene of mortal avian combat.

What the Deputies found upon arrival at the property were approximately 20 motor vehicles and “the sounds of roosters”.  As they rolled up to the location, “about 20 to 30 people fled the scene on foot,” Hoover reported.  With the large number of individuals scattering—like chickens, one may surmise—Deputies were only able to apprehend four suspects.  Among them were Cipriano Rodriguez, 77, Armando Villa, 32, Jose Alvarez, 85, and Carlos Villa, 55.  Presumably, those suspects successfully evading authorities were somewhat younger and perhaps fleeter of foot than Mssrs. Rodriguez and Alvarez.

Pursuant to on-scene investigation and interviews, it was determined that the four suspects were in possession of fighting birds and were on the private property without permission.  Additionally, 19 roosters and physical property indicating ongoing competitive cockfighting—including metal rooster fighting spurs, tape, twine and other materials used for the securing of the spurs to the animals, as well as multiple bird cages used in the transport of fighting cocks—were seized as evidence.

Cockfighting tools

Cockfighting tools


All four suspects were charged with possession of fighting birds and trespassing, but the case, according to Hoover, “has been forward to the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.”

Photos: Courtesy Santa Barbara County Sheriff

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