Robbery suspect caught after brief chase by police

SAN JOSE – 31-year-old Andrew Mix was arrested by San Jose Police on Aug 5 for his involvement in a robbery under PC 211, and that of a charge of First Degree Burglary under PC 459.

Andrew Mix was arrested here after trying to steal a vehicle. It is not clear if his target was a motorhome.

According to the San Jose Police Blotter, “The suspect entered a business and stole vehicle keys from an employee. The suspect attempted to take the employee’s vehicle before fleeing on foot. Responding officers located the suspect and took him into custody without incident.” The suspect was searched by arresting officers. During his detainment it was determined that Mix was under the influence of controlled substance when he was taken into custody.

Police records reveal that most offenders have committed a serious offence while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Due to the overcrowding of prisons in the State of California, it is less conventional for a judge to sentence a non-violent offender to hard time. Yet despite measures to help offenders end their drug use, more often the number of crimes committed by these offenders will continue without intervention.

According to the San Jose Police website, the Mayors Gang Prevention Task force, or MGPTF is “comprised of city, county, and state government; community-based organizations.” Organizations that are listed on the site include Substance abuse, Family support, and Gang intervention hotlines. However, without stronger community involvement, gang members can quickly fill the gap by offering new recruits drugs, money and alcohol,  further promoting gang activity.

Since the increase of members to the MGPTF, assigned to two different task force priorities, the amount of violent crimes appears to have fallen, however the number of arrests involving the possession, and/or influence of controlled substances has increased substantially. More than twenty arrests occur a day in the City of San Jose, with a substantial amount of them stemming from DUI charges under VC 23153 (B), and other charges resulting from unemployed offenders who are under the influence of alcohol/drugs/or controlled substances.

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