Masked robbery suspect shoots out window to escape

Oscar Sencion, who got trapped in his own armed robbery

SAN JOSE – 21-year-old Oscar Sencion, a Mechanic living in San Jose, was captured by San Jose Police on Friday after a three hour search through the 2000 block of Cinderella Lane and Steitz Court. Sencion was reported to have entered the California Check Cashing Store located at 2151 Story Road in San Jose intending to commit armed robbery.

The suspect followed a female employee into the Check Cashing store and then began to demand money.  The employee was able to secure herself away from the suspect. An alarm button was activated by the employee, which then double locked the main door to the facility, trapping the suspect inside.

During Sencion’s detainment he became angry and more aggressive as he fired several shots through the glass window in order to escape. An employee at the scene said, “He had to make a decision on how he was going to exit.” They said, “That’s when he decided to leave through the window.”

Sencion entered the Check Cashing store intending to rob the place

San Jose Police Officers responding to the scene saw the suspect run towards Cinderella Lane, causing a shutdown of the main stretch of Story Road until 11:00 am. Residents’ vehicles were searched by officers to ensure that the suspect was not trying to escape without the driver and or occupants knowing that he was riding along with them.

Sencion was believed to have jumped several fences, and had even climbed on top of roofs in order to try and escape from responding officers and MERGE vehicles arriving near the scene.

Sencion shot out this window to escape the store, before being tracked down by police

Sencion was charged with nine felony counts ranging from PC 211 – Robbery associated with PC 207 – Kidnapping, PC 25300 (A) – Masked Criminal in possession of a firearm in public, PC 26100 (C) – Discharging a firearm, and PC 25800 (A) – Armed to commit a felony.

Sencion was found near the back yard of a residence and was taken into custody. According to police, Sencion was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries resulting after a brief struggle with officers trying to take Sencion into custody.

Photos: San Jose Police; Amy Nilson

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