Fresno Mailbox Bombing Suspect Arrested

FRESNO – A man suspected of being responsible for a string of pipe bomb explosions in Fresno mailboxes was arrested Wednesday night.

Cody Bewarder

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office took 27-year-old Cody Bewarder into custody after they were able to link him to the bombing incidents.

Detectives first investigated a residential mailbox bombing at a Fresno home on San Jose Avenue near Maroa and Shaw avenues in late June. They then learned that two similar pipe-bomb explosions had occurred within the three previous months, one in Fresno and one in Fresno County. The same materials had been used in all three bombings, according to the sheriff’s department.

On Wednesday night, another Fresno resident who lives on Pico Avenue near Shaw Avenue and First Street reported that his mailbox had been blown up. The Fresno Sheriff’s Department believes Bewarder is responsible for this bombing as well

After examining the leftover evidence from the explosions, detectives discovered that the materials had unique characteristics that could only be found at one local hardware store. This ultimately led them to identifying Bewarder as their suspect, according to the sheriff’s department.

Police were able to arrest Bewarder later that night during a traffic stop. Detectives served a search warrant at his residence on Thursday and discovered bomb-making materials and a semi-automatic handgun.

Bewarder was booked into the Fresno County Jail on charges of possessing an explosive device in a public place, use of an explosive device, possession of bomb making materials, and being armed in the commission of a felony.

Although no motive has been officially stated, one detective believes it gave Bewarder “some kind of gratification for him to blow things up,” said Chris Curtice, spokesperson for the sheriff’s department.

No one was injured in any of the bombings.

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