Craigslist Carjacking Suspects Part of Prostitution Ring

FRESNO – A man was carjacked after three suspects posed as potential buyers for his car and then forced him out of the vehicle and drove away, eventually crashing it into a house.

Near the corner of Blackstone and Shields

The story gets even more interesting, as police discovered the three suspects, Goldie Walker, Christopher Glaude and Savanna Meeker, were also involved in a prostitution ring.

The victim of the carjacking was attempting to sell his Honda through an ad on Craigslist. Around 9 p.m. on Monday night, the suspects met the victim at Blackstone and Shields avenues for a supposed test drive. The suspects said they wanted to take the car to their mechanic to check it out.

The suspects actually drove to a rural location and then threatened the victim with a handgun and forced him out of the car. They also stole his wallet, keys and money, authorities said.

The victim reported the carjacking and officers spotted the car just 20 minutes later. Glaude was driving the victim’s car with Walker following behind in a truck that had been reported stolen the week before. Police chased both cars.

The suspects in the victim’s car ended up crashing into the front of a home at the corner of Ashlan and Polk avenues while trying to make a turn. One person was inside the home at the time but was not hurt.

Walker, Glaude and Meeker were all arrested in connection to the incident. Police later discovered the three suspects were in a prostitution ring and were going to use the stolen vehicles to drive to another city for a prostitution job.

Police are still looking for a fourth suspect who got away, a woman who was riding in the stolen pickup.

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