San Jose’s 24th – 26th homicide related to a stabbing death

SAN JOSE – According to a press release by the San Jose Police Department, Homicide investigators have linked a known suspect to the city’s 26th homicide that occurred on July 10, 2013. 25-year-old Matthew Jacobsen was booked into the Santa Clara Main Jail under PC 187 Felony Homicide, for the stabbing death of 35-year-old Christopher Bowman.

Matthew Jacobsen

Police responded to a 9-1-1 call at a homeless shelter located near the 500 block of W. Julian Street for reports of a stabbing death of an adult male. According to Sergeant Jason Dwyer with the San Jose Police Department, “Preliminary investigation into the incident has revealed that both the victim and suspect were residents at the Julian Street Inn.”

It is believed that the two men got into a verbal argument that escalated into the stabbing death of Bowman. Dwyer said, “When officers arrived, the suspect was still on scene and was taken into custody without incident.”

The last three homicides reported to the department have been the result of a stabbing of a male victim at the time of the incident, at which time each suspect has been apprehended and arrested near the scene were the crime occurred.

The Julian Street Inn, where the stabbing occurred, and both parties were staying.

Despite the increased homicide rate in 2012, police investigators are saying that there is no known connection to these crimes. The increased activity in homicide rates can be attributed to increased gang violence and drug activity. However, the San Jose Police Department believes there is no set pattern for these attacks. An increase in violence is usually highest during times when the temperature increases. This may be due to an increased consumption of alcohol and gatherings that would facilitate drunken behavior and/or drug use that may end in a physical dispute that would endanger people involved or nearby.

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