Police Investigate Bar Fight

Fight Might be tied into the Bike Rally

HOLLISTER—Authorities with the Hollister Police Department are investigating a beating that occurred at Johnny’s Bar on San Benito Street in Hollister.   Authorities are looking for two Hells Angels members that may have taken part in the fight.

Johnny's Bar & Grill

On Friday night at 11:48 p.m. police officers arrived at Johnny’s Bar and Grill and found a patron of the bar lying unconscious and suffering from facial lacerations and an apparent blow to the head.

Witnesses informed police that the 23-year-old victim was patronizing the bar when a man wearing a Hells Angels Jacket approached him and struck the victim in the face.  Another man, wearing the same kind of jacket, then kicked the victim in the head.

The victim had no explanation for the attack.  The suspects exited the bar by pushing their way through the bar’s security staff.  They were last seen running westbound down the alley.

The first suspect was described as a heavyset 5-foot-8 man wearing glasses with a grey mustache and a full Hells Angels Patch.  The second suspect was described as a white male, 6-foot-2 also wearing a Hells Angels jacket and had tattoos.

Hollister Police Captain Carlos Reynoso said, “Police deal with rally related incidents almost on a continuous basis, when the rally is here.” “After rally events end at say 5 o’clock we deal with people that stay and patronize the bars, things like this do happen.”

Police have looked at the surveillance footage provided by the bar and are looking for evidence in this incident.  However,  they are seeking the public’s help, and are asking that if you witnessed anything at Johnny’s Bar to please call the Hollister Police Department at 1-831-636-4330

The owner has been very cooperative in this incident and is providing assistance when needed.  “I want my patrons to feel safe,” Charisse Tyson, owner of Johnny’s Bar and Grill since 1995 stated, “ That is why we have security and the surveillance system.”

Johnny’s Bar and Grill became a favorite spot for Wino Wille and his Boozefighter’s in 1947 during the Fourth of July’s Gypsy Tour Races.  An infamous incident that happened at the bar was made public in Life Magazine and eventually inspired the movie, The Wild Ones.

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