The Deputy and the Marin City Roadrunner

MARIN CITY — On July 7th at approximately 6 PM, a deputy on patrol in the Terners Drive area noticed a vehicle approaching him from the opposite direction. When the vehicle suddenly pulled to the side and the deputy drove by, he recognized the driver from previous contact as 44-year-old local Chaka Grayson.

Terners Drive, approximate location of incident

Having been aware that Grayson’s license was currently suspended, he promptly made a U-turn and placed his car behind Grayson.

The deputy stepped out of his vehicle just in time to see Grayson duck down, at which point he drew his firearm and ordered Grayson to put his hands up.

That was when Grayson hit the gas and sped toward the deputy, who fired several rounds as Grayson rocketed down Terners Drive and out of sight.

A nearby witness mentioned that the vehicle had driven to the 200 Lot of the city, where it was soon found abandoned. Evidence at the scene indicated that Grayson was injured and may have been in need of medical attention. The deputy involved was also treated for a head wound after bystanders began throwing rocks, at least one of which struck him in the head.

Later that night, at approximately 10 PM, efforts were made with help from the community for Grayson to safely turn himself over to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office. He was taken into custody and immediately transported to a local hospital for sustained injuries.

At this time, no further information has been released concerning said injuries.

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