Update: Sunnyvale Homicide Suspect Arrested in San Jose

SUNNYVALE – Steven Bowie, 26,  was arrested under PC 187 for a double shooting, and homicide that occurred on June 9, 2013 at a local sports bar in Sunnyvale killing David Santiago Lucero while injuring another.

Steven Craig Bowie, 26

During the deadly attack Bowie had used a hand gun to shoot and kill Lucero pursuant PC 245 (a) (2).  

On June 9, 2013 Bowie reportedly intentionally killed Lucero, as influenced by other gang members and his associates. Bowie is being charged with 186.22 (b) (5), in which it is believed that he acted in connection with a criminal street gang, and additionally engaged in a pattern of criminal conduct while in association with known gang members.

During the time of the incident according to the Sunnyvale Public Safety Department press release, “units responded to 102 E. Fremont (Peacock Lounge) on a report of a shooting.” A victim was located in the front parking area near the sports bar by emergency medical technicians, and treated at the scene. Lucero was later pronounced dead on location from multiple gunshot wounds.

Officers also learned that a second victim was at a local hospital being treated for a gunshot wound that had occurred near the sports bar near where Lucero had been shot.

Police were able to take the suspects statement. The second victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and was released from the hospital.

According to the police reports, “Sunnyvale detectives, with the assistance of San Jose PD’s Covert Response Unit, arrested Steven Craig Bowie Jr. without incident at his home on June 11, 2013.”

Sunnyvale Public Safety Department Capt. Capt. Dave Pitts said, “The homicide occurred in Sunnyvale however, the suspect was arrested at a home in San Jose.” Investigators believe the reason for the shooting was motivated by gang activity in the area.

According to the District Attorneys office, a plea hearing has been scheduled for July 27 at 9 a.m. in Dept. 23.

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