Arrest Made in Manteca Murder Case of Michael Lawrence

The Manteca Police Department has arrested 23 year-old Michael Lee Roessler for his role in the murder of 51 year-old Michael David Lawrence.

The murder occurred last Saturday night at the Island Tavern in Manteca. Lawrence rode to the Tavern in his dirt bike so he could pick up a 12-pack. All was well until Roessler and another biker began criticizing Lawrence’s dirt bike and people who lived in small and quiet residential areas, just as Lawrence did.

As Lawrence left the Tavern, Roessler and the other biker followed Lawrence to his home. They began making burnout circles in the front of his home. Lawrence attempted to approach the two, but the other biker pulled out a small gun and shot Lawrence twice in the chest and once in the head during the confrontation.

Lawrence’s wife heard the noise of the bikers when they arrived at the house and ran outside. When she saw the second biker raise the gun, she attempted to push him down, but the biker shoved her to the ground with his helmet. She also said that their eight year-old daughter witnessed the murder.

Roessler was apprehended after he crashed his motorcycle while trying to flee from officers. He spent two days in a local hospital and was arrested on Monday evening and booked into the San Joaquin County Jail on three felony charges that include conspiracy to commit a crime and murder.

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