Cockfighting Investigation Leads to Second Search

Authorities found 101 fighting Birds on the property

HOLLISTER—Authorities from Hollister served a second warrant at the residence of 4300 Fairview Road for crimes related to cockfighting.

This was the second such warrant served at this address since this investigation began; the other one was in December of 2012.  In that search, authorities seized over 400 fighting cocks and the San Benito District Attorney’s Office filed charges against four men from the San Benito County and surrounding areas.

In this recent search, members of the San Benito County Animal Care and Service Bureau, Hollister Police Department and the San Benito County Sheriff’s Department located cockfighting paraphernalia along with 101 fighting cocks.

Charges will be filed with the San Benito District Attorney’s Office for violation of California Penal code 597(I) and 597(J) .    Penal Code 597(I) prohibits the manufacturing, buying, selling, exchanging or possessing any of the implements such as gaffs that are attached to the birds.Penal code 597(j) prohibits possessing, training, or keeping a rooster so that it may be used in a cockfight.

Charges have been filed against Victor Hernandez, Jesus Hernandez, Roberto Ramirez and Raul Botello Ramirez for the incident back in December but all four will be facing additional charges stemming from this latest search.

“Back in December when we arrested the four people on charges we thought we had shutdown the operation, but they apparently brought it back up.” Hollister Police Captain Dave Westrick said,  “We think its because the money is good and it’s only a misdemeanor that they continue to have these cockfights.”

The Hollister Police Department is still actively investigating this case.  They are asking anyone with information regarding this case to call the Hollister Police Department and Animal Care Services Bureau at (831) 636-4320

The Humane Society of the United States has reward of up to $5,000 dollars for information on animal fighting that leads to a conviction.

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