Suspect who Led Officers on Wild Chase had Felony Warrant for Murder

SAN JOSE – 22-year-old Jamie Daniel Alejandre was arrested on May 27, 2013 for making violent threats against another person under PC 422 in which Alejandre was reportedly threatening an unknown person in an attempt to cause immediate fear for the victim’s safety. Alejandre is also being charged with carrying a loaded firearm under PC 25850 (a), and  148 (a) (1), delaying and willfully resisting a police officer. Alejandre is also expected to face felony murder charges under PC 187 out of Oakland.

Alejandre was denied entry into the business located at 301 N. Jackson Av in San Jose on May 27, 2013 by a security officer who refused to let him enter the establishment because Alejandre appeared disheveled and dirty. Fueled with anger towards the security officer, Alejandre  brandished a 9mm Glock handgun in order to intimidate the victim under PC12022.5 (a).

The suspect is also being charged under VC 2800.1 (a), with the intent to evade officers who had arrived at the scene to intervene in an apparent dispute that had quickly turned violent.

The suspect then began to speed away in a stolen silver pick-up truck driving westbound on McKee Rd. The suspect was followed by officers who watched him drive into the parking lot of Independence High School reaching speeds of up to 60 MPH.

During the chase, Alejandre had run through two stop signs ignoring officers in pursuit. He then drove down a road leading to a cul-de-sac, and had driven over the curb, forcing officers to move away in fear of being seriously injured or killed by the suspect.

Glock gun, similar to Alejandre's

In an attempt to escape, the suspect then drove through the field near the intersection and struck a tree. Once officers were able to locate the suspect’s vehicle, a search turned up one magazine loaded with nine hollow point rounds located near the driver’s side door. Another empty magazine was found in the center console. The black Glock 17 9mm handgun allegedly used to intimidate the security officer was found on the ground near the driver’s side door. The handgun was loaded with nine rounds.

A short time later at 6:14 a.m., an employee of Kingberry Donut Shop called police to report he had been “jumped” by a subject  who initially entered asking for help. He offered the employee a lot of money to buy his cell phone, but when an employee called 9-1-1, Alejandre was frightened and fled. He was found with $290 in cash along with three Samsung cell phones.

Alejandre was discovered lying on the ground with dried blood on his face, hair, and clothing when officers arrived. He had bloody knees and legs, and scratches on his arms from the crash. Officers took Alejandre into custody near the 7- Eleven located at 998 Lundy Ave in San Jose, CA, without incident.

Alejandre was wanted for an outstanding felony warrant out of Oakland for homicide under PC 187, where the suspect had been living prior to San Jose. Alejandre was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail and is expected to be transported to Oakland to face felony murder charges.

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