Child harrasment suspect arrested

SYLMAR—LAPD detectives arrested 20-year-old Jhismer Aguilar in connection with 14 misdemeanor counts of annoying children and endangering children, according to an LAPD press release. The arrest comes on the heels of an interview they conducted with Aguilar after a victim took a picture of his vehicle following a stalking incident near Sylmar High School.

Jhismer Aguilar

Multiple victims, ages 12 to 16, identified Aguilar and the 1995 Black Honda he allegedly used to circle the areas of Oliva Vista Middle School and Sylmar High School, sometimes calling out to victims or ordering them into his car.

After publicizing the incidents, three more victims have come forward to the LAPD, bringing the total up to six, but Lt. Paul Vernon and the LAPD suspect there are more.

“We’d like any other persons who might have been approached or accosted by Aguilar to call us,” said Lt. Vernon, commanding officer of the Mission Detective Division.

Jhismer Aguilar from his MySpace page

Aguilar was an unemployed local who lived within one mile of Tyler Street and Dronfield Avenue, an area he frequented so often that one victim expressed surprise that he had stopped hanging out there last week.

After arresting Aguilar at his residence, a judge increased his bail due to the frequency of his crimes.

“The standard bail would have been $245,000, but the judge upped it to $545,000, adding his personal notation that Aguilar presented a danger to society,” said Lt. Vernon. “We’re relieved he’s in custody and known to the public now,” he added.

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