3 Parolees Arrested in the Mission for Triple Shooting, Cause Crash

SAN FRANCISCO – Mission and 16th?  Why do you ask? It’s a not –for-visitors neighborhood.  You got the BART stop; you got some off-Geary play houses, including Theater Rhinoceros — literally and figuratively. You got the old armory down the street: Moorish revival style, plus throw in the gloom.  It’s now the MGM of porn cinema.

Sixteenth and Mission? Shall we just say, the opposite of hoity-toity.  A block down from Valencia and hipster heaven, and even a cop shop, but the pretention on this part of the Mission, even in broad daylight, is full-time down and out.  At night, the pretention is what-have-you-done-for-me-lately?  And if the answer isn’t sex, drugs, or cash, don’t look at me.

So last Tuesday night enter Mrs. Carr, Whittenburg and Vickers. They all have criminal records.  One was implicated in a 2004 murder. It’s coming up on 4 a.m., which is noon time for hookers and dealers but not many others.  On this night you have three men in their 40s who are doing God knows what.  They’re not together; they’re just out there and along come Carr and company.

They shoot a 46-year-old vic in the torso and that will later be considered a life-threatening injury.  The other two vics get shot in the legs; they’ll make it. All three are robbed, but maybe they don’t have much, because nobody has much on 16th and Mission.

Carr and company do their work — allegedly — and drive off. Soon enough they get spotted in the Bay View District, near Third and Gilman St.  Pursuit to Cameron and Nichols, near the ‘stick.  Suspects crash into some parked cars.  They stop, back up.  Hello!  They back into a police car. An officer is injured, but not life-threatening.  Arrests. End of story.

Except there are a lot of questions.  “Yes,” says SFDA spokesperson, Alex Bastian. “But I can’t tell you anymore. The case is still under investigation.”

So maybe it’s a little more complicated than it seems. In the meantime, the initial charges:

The three suspects include:  Larry Carr, 34, Jason Whittenburg, 30, and George Vickers, 33.

Whittenburg, who was allegedly driving the car, is charged with four counts of assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer and felony-evading arrest, while Carr was charged with additional firearm offenses. “All three were ordered held on $1 million bail,” according to the DA’s office, “each with parole holds that prevent their immediate release.”

The three men will be back in court on June 20, in Dept. 12 for a status update.  Police believe Carr was involved in a 2004 homicide but prosecutors didn’t have quite enough evidence to try. The case was discharged pending further investigation.

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