Fairfield Burglar Gets A Rude Awakening

FAIRFIELD – Going home for lunch was not a routine experience for a Solano Courthouse employee on May 21. Upon entering her Delaware Street residence, the woman was shocked to discover a burglar asleep in her bed.  She quickly backed out the way she had come, continued on out the front door of her residence and called police. Charles White Jr., 24, awoke as she left. He got out of bed, lit a cigarette and had a brief chat with the startled homeowner. Then, it occurred to him that it was probably not a good idea to hang around any longer. He exited the scene almost the same way he had originally entered, through one of the home’s back windows. But when White exited, he left behind his cell phone. This was just before three Fairfield police officers arrived.

Solano County Courthouse

Searching the residence, one of the officers discovered White’s cell phone. The search widened. White was caught a short time later on Broadway Street, a few blocks away.  Police said White told them that he had been under the impression the Delaware Street residence was vacant when he broke in. As soon as he realized the home was occupied, he deduced that the homeowner was away, probably at work. Deciding to enjoy some of the amenities he found available, he took a shower, made himself a snack and settled in for his nap.

After his arrest, White was lodged in Solano County Jail on suspicion of felony residential burglary. On May 23, White pleaded not guilty to a felony burglary charge and three related misdemeanor charges.  Judge E. Bradley Nelson ordered White to return to court June 7 for a probable cause hearing before Judge Philip Champlin, who is a retired visiting judge from Napa County.  The case is being handled by a visiting judge because the homeowner is a Solano County court employee.

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