Commercial robbery suspect caught after high speed chase

SAN JOSE – On Sept 12, 2012 a strong-armed robbery occurred under PC 211 – 212.5 (c) in which 31-year-old Gilberto Rodriquez had taken a female victim’s purse at a local shopping center.  Rodriquez committed  other charges during a 9-month crime spree that finally ended with his arrest on May 2, 2013.

195 S. 28th St., where Rodriquez was captured

Rodriquez was serving parole for a previous charge under PC 459-460(b)due to an offense in which Rodriquez had committed a Felony Burglary while under the influence of methamphetamine under Health and safety Code 11377(a).

The strong-arm robbery offense occurred at Moi & Toi Coffee Shop located at 779 Story Road. The victim was sitting in an outside area near the shop when the suspect approached from the side,  reached through a plant and grabbed her purse from the chair the victim had placed next to her. Rodriguez than began to run to a truck nearby when the victim followed the suspect, and jumped on his back, and knocked him to the ground in order to retrieve her purse, however, the suspect had thrown it into the truck he was about to enter. The driver of a white utility truck later identified as 39-year-old Noel Victor Montoya, began to drive away as the victim tried to get her purse back. Several bystanders had now tackled the suspect and were holding him on the ground, however in the struggle, he was able to escape.   At this point, the suspect was dragging on the ground had to forfeit her property to the thieves.

Rodriquez’s sentence hearing has been set for May 30, 2013. During an interview with Victor Montoya, he stated he had gone with his brother-in-law and denied knowing a person who drove a white truck. Rodriquez stated, “I didn’t rob anybody and I didn’t take nobody’s purse.” Rodriquez was booked on follow-up charges under PC 211 Robbery, PC 459 possession of a stolen vehicle, PC 496 possession of stolen goods, and Felony evading under VC 2800.2. A No Bail Warrant had been issued on a previous case in which the defendant was known to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Rodriquez was captured during the event in which he was involved in, a commercial burglary located at 195 S. 28th Street on May 2, 20-13. The suspect had used bolt cutters to enter Bay Stop Liquors. Rodriquez was able to take 300 various bills and coins. The value of the coins equaled $33.45. 75 packs of cigarettes, 150 Bic Lighters, and a 12 pack of Modelo Beer. While fleeing from the scene Rodriquez was spotted by patrolling officers several minutes after the crime had occurred. SJPD Officers then began pursuit of the suspect. Rodriquez crashed a short time later near the area of McKee and King Roads trying to evade police. Rodriquez tested positive for being under the influence of Methamphetamine of the time of the incident. He was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail on a No-Bail Warrant.

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