Police Involved in Fatal Suisun City Shooting

SUISUN CITY- The Suisun City boat launch usually provides a fun and relaxing atmosphere—the main activities include picnics and fishing. That peace was shattered at about 4:50pm on Thursday, May 2, 2013. Saan Pao Saeteurn, 32 years of age, was shot to death during a confrontation with six Fairfield police officers.

Saan Pao Saeteurn, 32

Saeteurn had threatened the officers with what was determined to be a pellet gun “manufactured to look like a rifle,” according to Fairfield P.D. spokesman Cleo Mayoral. Several witnesses said the replica was indistinguishable from a real rifle unless handled.

Suisun City police officers made the initial contact with Saeteurn in response to reports of “a man with a gun” at the boat launch. They quickly modified the call to “suicidal man with a gun.”

The Fairfield police responding were equipped with “non-lethal weapons including tasers and pepper spray,” according to Officer Mayoral, and one of the officers was trained in crisis negotiation techniques. The objective was to persuade Saeteurn to put his gun down without anyone getting injured or killed.

Saeteurn had struggled with mental health issues for many years and had been a heavy drinker and substance abuser. On the morning of May 2, Saeteurn was, according to witnesses, high on methamphetamine. For approximately 14 minutes, the police attempted to negotiate with Saeteurn. He refused to relinquish his weapon. According to Officer Mayoral, Saeteurn has had many “combative” contacts with law enforcement during the past several years while residing in both Suisun City and Fairfield.

Finally, Saeteurn allegedly “threatened officers” with the firearm. This resulted in his death by a volley of gunfire as he sat at a metal picnic table.

Currently, the six Fairfield officers are on paid administrative leave, while the county District Attorney’s office continues its investigation.

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