Kidnapping suspects face life in prison

MORGAN HILL  – 34-year-old Chanelle Marie Troedson , 37-year-old Jason Joseph De Jesus, Richard Rodriquez Jr, and Richard Raul Cortes are being charged with PC 242/243 (d), PC 245(a) (4) and PC 236/237 for kidnapping and assaulting a Santa Clara handyman after carjacking him. Troedson and De Jesus are also facing charges that could likely result in a life sentence under PC 209 (b) (1).

Chanelle Troedson, 34

On December 3, 2012 Troedson used a fake name in order to lure the handyman to her residence, and once there, the victim realized that he had been tricked. The victim was beaten and injured as revenge for taking back a water heater that De Jesus’ mother had failed to pay for.

The victim was held against his will by two Hispanic males, according to the Santa Clara County’s report by the Office of the Sheriff. Evidence was collected from the residence that he was  held in via a search warrant.

The victim had explained to the Sherriff’s Deputies in charge of the investigation that “he relied mostly on referrals for business.” When the victim was confronted by the two individuals identified as De Jesus and Rodriquez, they threatened to kill him. The victim stated that De Jesus threatened, “Don’t move. We are not (explicative) around.” Again, the assailant identified as Rodriquez said, “Don’t move. Do as they say and everything will be okay.”

De Jesus allegedly punched the victim in the right ear several times, causing his ear drum to burst open and bleed. Fearing for his life, the victim subsequently offered to fix the dishwasher to calm down his assailant. The victim required 16 stitches in order to re-form his ear.

After 5-aggravating-hours with his captors in addition to having fixed the dishwasher, the victim was taken in his truck with Troedson and De Jesus to the Cottle Road Chevron Station. He was able to escape to a near-by KFC and explained the situation to the employees who called the police. The duo had been in the gas station store for 20-minutes when the SJPD arrived at the scene and took De Jesus and Troedson into custody.

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