Arson suspect arrested by San Jose Fire investigators

SAN JOSE – On March 16, the San Jose Dispatch responded to a fire that was suspicious in nature. The structure was located in a roofing supply office/warehouse with associated storage buildings. 28-year-old Humberto Daniel Salazar is being charged with the Crime of Arson under PC 451, in which he had maliciously set fire to burn an inhabited structure and an inhabited property, shed being used as a dwelling. The damage to the property is assumed at more than $65,000 under PC 12022.6(a) (1).

Keyes and 12th where suspect was stopped by investigators

The investigation of the fire revealed burn patterns to the exterior of the fire extending towards the roof of the main building to the shed and garage area. The Fire Investigation report states, “No open-flame or incendiary devices were found in the area of origin.” Investigators believed there were no electrical or gas appliances that may have caused the blaze near the area where the fire occurred.

The report by the San Jose Fire Department reveals that, “the totality of the available information and evidence, Salazar used an open-flame device to set fire to the couch/love seat, which extended as stated, causing fire damage to the main building, storage shed, garage and its contents.”

Salazar had been convicted of 1st Degree Burglary under PC 459-460(a), in which he had entered a dwelling, with the intent to commit great bodily injury on the victim under 667.5(c)/1192.7(c) during the time of entry.

Salazar had served a sentence in prison, was in jail custody for five years and had recently been charged under PC 32 for the knowledge of a crime that had been committed in a separate offense.

man working on-site after fire

Salazar had gotten into an argument and pushed the resident to the ground and struck her in the face.According to San Jose Fire investigators, “He was mad and had no intention of burning the roofing supply company building.” The victim had been staying at the shed with the permission of the owner for more than 2-months.  Despite her claims of residency a sales manager on site said, “She did not have permission to stay.”

In order to avoid further confrontation with the suspect, the female victim had left for about 20-minutes. According to San Jose Fire investigators the female victim then returned and saw the fire department working to extinguish the fire involving her home.

The suspect was contacted by investigators on Keyes and 12th St. in which he had admitted to trying to start the arson fire at 991 Lonus Street, in San Jose. He stated, “He used a lighter to start the fire.” During the time of the incident Salazar had taken a piece of paper and threw it towards the chair. He did see a small fire when he left the scene however, “believing and hoping that the fire would burn out.”

fire damage to structure

Before the suspect could be taken into custody Salazar was able to twist free and ran towards the SJSU athletic track off of Humboldt and 10th street.Officers caught up to Salazar and captured him 1/3 miles away on SJSU property.He was then taken by the SJPD to the Santa Clara main jail facility and booked for arson.

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