Two Arrested in Undercover Drug Sting

Officers from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office have arrested two individuals following an almost four month long drug sting, according to an official press release.

Ronnie Chambers was subject to an extended undercover operation before being arrested for drug and other charges

Ronnie Chambers, 51, a parolee from Placerville, was recently arrested during drug sale set up by undercover detectives. He was reportedly arrested at the location of the transaction, charged with five fresh felony charges and violation of parole/probation, and remains in custody without bail.

Also reportedly arrested at the same time was Lauren Bond, 22, from Shingle Springs, who was in possession of narcotics paraphernalia at the time and had an active narcotics warrant for her arrest.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, undercover detectives had been working a case on Chambers since January 2013 when patrol deputies had received a report of a man threatening the life of another, and the man making threats was reportedly identified as Chambers.

During the investigation of the threats, undercover detectives discovered that Chambers wanted to sell cocaine. In January, undercover detectives reportedly called Chambers and arranged to purchase $200 worth of cocaine. After the arranged sale, detectives discovered the substance Chambers sold them as cocaine was crushed pills containing morphine.

Lauren Bond was with Chambers at the time of his arrest, and faces drug charges of her own

Undercover detectives recontacted Chambers to complain about the shoddy product and arranged another transaction to either get their money back or the real product. Chambers agree to another meeting in February, where he reportedly provided undercover detectives with $100 of their original $200 and a small amount of crystal methamphetamine.

Then recently this month, Chambers reportedly contacted the undercover detectives and offered to sell them heroin. Detectives arranged a transaction and met with Chambers, where they purchased the heroin and then arrested him and Bond.

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