6 charged in brutal attack and murder

“The facts of this case,” said DA Gascon, “ read like a movie script and are very disturbing.”

San Bruno Ave, with a view of the valley

Here’s the script. On Sunday December 9, 2012, around 8 p.m. two gentlemen named Brackens and Bell enter the house at 3733 San Bruno Avenue.  This is in Visitacion Valley, north of Bay Shore, east of Bay View.  On a latitude with the ‘stick. Median income is around $40,000. Blue collar neighborhood, but a white collar view of downtown.

Mssrs. Bracken and Bell arrive at the residence.  They’re not happy and this isn’t random. Let’s say it’s a business dispute among colleagues.  Allegedly, Brackens and Bell, and possibly a third person, a lady named Uong, tie up two victims, a man and a woman.

This is the disturbing part. Allegedly, the suspects shoot the man in the neck, severely beat the woman and leave both victims on the pavement in the 900 block of Brussels Street.

The man later dies in the hospital; the woman survives.

“Based on all the evidence found at the scene,” says SFDA spokesperson Alex Bastian, “including credit card readers, and pieces of paper with credit card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes, the prosecution theory is that the crimes resulted from a dispute over a business involving credit card fraud.”

After the attack, the couple were left on the pavement on Brussels Street

Defendants include Vincent Bell (aka Jonathan Stewart, aka Vince Miller), 31; Heather Leach (aka Krystal Gillespie aka Snow), 24; and Montrail Brackens, 21. Each has been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, felonious assault and conspiracy to commit assault. Vincent Bell is also charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.

In addition,Tyler Miller, 19, and Maryann Manalastas, 22, have been charged with accessory to murder and conspiracy to destroy evidence.

Bell, Brackins, Manalastas and Leach are also charged with credit card fraud.

And then there is a 6th defendant, Catherine Uong, 26 who has been charged with murder, residential robbery, assault with a firearm, possession of a firearm by a felon, assault, conspiracy to commit assault, and credit card fraud.

Charges against all six defendants are now consolidated on a single complaint.

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