Burglar Forced a Hostage to Cook a Meal

Santa Ana – Police have arrested Thomas Walker, 40 , a local transient, for drug sales, multiple burglaries and an additional unorthodox kidnapping charge.

Thomas Walker, 40, matched the police sketch created to find him

Walker was arrested for sales of methamphetamine while making a sale to undercover police officers only blocks away from the first two burglary locations. His set bail is $1,000,000.

Walker broke into two homes during two separate incidences within the same apartment complex located in the 500 block of Lyon St on Monday at approximately 7:00 am. and later at 2:00 pm that same day.

He entered the first home through an unlocked door, stole $100 from the sleeping victim’s purse then was confronted by the victim’s son and immediately fled, reportedly with a beer in his hand.

He entered the second home forcibly through a window. Once inside, the suspect physically detained the victim, saying that he was not going to hurt her, then demanded that she prepare him a meal. While she was cooking the meal the man ingested narcotics and began taking pictures of her with her camera, finally leaving after a few hours but not without first stealing her son’s bike.

Detectives received a tip that a male matching the composite had abandoned a beach cruiser along with clothing in an apartment complex. Additional charges will be added to the drug charges as he has been positively identified by the witnesses involved in the two burglaries.

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