Pair Caught in Lies About Accident in Defrauding Attempt

Pair Caught in Lies About  Accident in Defrauding Attempt

Lamont Goodwin

ORANGE — It is difficult, if not impossible, to have a police report filed concerning an accident that you are involved in, and then attempt to say that the police lied in that report.

It is additionally disingenuous to claim racism in an attempt to cover your own lies and defraud an insurance company in the process.

Sylvia Camarillo

Turns out 33-year-old Lamont Goodwin was driving and became involved in an accident.  Tustin PD took a report.

Goodwin and his partner, 31-year-old Sylvia Camarillo, then lied to their insurer, alleging that Camarillo was the driver in the accident, even though Goodwin was in the car, alone and driving.

The insurance company denied the claim on them because Goodwin was “an excluded driver on the policy.”  Evidently they then said Camarillo was the driver, and thus received $18,000 that the insurance company paid to the credit union that held a lien on the vehicle, now totaled.

Then Goodwin and Camarillo accused the TPD of racism and lying on their report.

A fraud investigation by the CDI determined that the pair had conspired to defraud the insurance company.  The investigation further revealed that Goodwin and Camarillo filed a false police report that accused police officers of lying in the original report.

For their efforts, the two face charges of insurance fraud and filing a false allegation against a police officer, with bail at $30,000 each.



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