Sheriffs, CHP investigates potential mail bomber

Everett Basham

State Senator Leland Yee in a press conference in San Francisco on Feb 14 said, “The author of [an] email specifically stated  that if I did not cease efforts to deal with gun violence that he would assassinate me in or around the State Capitol.”

45-year-old Everett Basham is being held without bail in the Santa Clara County Main Jail on charges stemming from death threats against a state official, possession of bomb making materials, and or possession of an explosive material device.  “This threat detailed how he was going to carry it out,” State Senator Yee said. State Senator Yee explained that the shooting of young children in Connecticut was one reason why he was trying to tighten gun laws through the California State Legislation.  “These things motivate you to do all you can, maybe even risking your own life,” State Senator Yee said.

Basham's home

Neighbors who lived near Basham had a direct view of his roof, which displayed several video surveillance cameras, and two meter based amateur radio antennas on his home roof, with another placed on the roof of Basham’s garage.  A short wave amateur radio operator would register with the Federal Communications Commission to receive a permit in order to transmit and receive signals from all around the world using a short wave transceiver.

Residents who lived near Basham said they thought he was in the media or something with all the antennas on the roof.  They never saw the guy, and didn’t know what was going on.

The home had radio antennae and surveillance cameras mounted on the roof

Paramedics and the Fire Department with Santa Clara were on standby as several county wide and state agencies, including the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad and CHP Investigators, were continuing the search that started on Tuesday when officers served a search warrant.  However the investigation quickly erupted into a potentially week long search for explosive materials found at 3131 Humbolt Ave in Santa Clara four weeks after the original threat was sent.

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