Visitor Jailed After Supplying Husband Contraband Drugs

CALIPATRIA – An attempt to smuggle drugs into the Calipatria State Prison lands a woman jail time of her own.

La Nicole Ogilvie - her trip to prison to visit her husband resulted in jail time for her as well

La Nicole Ogilvie, a 23-year-old from Moreno Valley was visiting her husband on Sunday January 27 when she was arrested. Authorities allege that during her visit she attempted to supply marijuana and heroin to Kenneth Reese. Investigative Services Unit Officers at the prison observed Ogilvie hand Reese what appeared be contraband. Reese then proceeded to pass the contraband over to another inmate, Kenji Tompkins. Tompkins was the inmate visiting porter, which is one of the positions inmates are sometimes given while they are serving time.

Unit Officers approached the three suspects and questioned them. Upon investigation, officers discovered they had three small packages in their possession. Further inspection of these items revealed that they were indeed contraband and held drugs. The packages purportedly held 30.2 grams of marijuana, another 9.9 grams of marijuana and 25.2 grams of heroin. At this time Ogilvie was placed under arrest for attempting to supply her husband illegal drugs, and she was transported to Imperial County Jail where she currently remains.

Inmate Kenneth Reese is a convicted murderer already serving a 90-years-to-life sentence. Both Reese and Tompkins were placed into the Administrative Segregation Unit, which is where the solitary confinement units reside within the prison. Calipatria State Prison opened in 1992, houses approximately 3,400 minimum- and maximum-custody inmates.

At this time an investigation into the incident is still underway.

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