Uptick in arrests over MLK holiday

Vehicle stops involving suspended driver’s licenses and possession of drugs and/or DUI were up due to patrolling enforcement between the CHP and San Jose Police force.  Numbers show more than 30 arrests involving drivers under the influence of an unknown substance while on the road over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.  Violent crime also spiked with San Jose’s second and third homicide occurring just days after the MLK holiday.

The Fresno pair found their victims in the busy area of Curtner and Monterey before being spotted by police

On January 20 San Jose Police officers arrested two individuals who were found on Stauffer Blvd.  23-year-old Jonathan Powell and 22-year-old Keenan Reese, both from from Fresno were arrested for PC 25850(a) carrying a concealed firearm in their vehicle, PC 211, Felony Robbery, PC 4574 Weapon/Tear Gas, and PC 496 Possession of stolen property.  These individuals were identified by officers as suspects in committing several robberies in the area, in a follow up from a person reporting being robbed near Monterey Road and Curtner Avenue in San Jose.

The two suspects appeared in an arraignment hearing on Jan 24, however, they did not enter a plea, and were not expected to post bail.

Three robberies had occurred near Curtner Avenue crossing Monterey Road in San Jose.  It is believed that the two suspects, Powell and Reese, were friends working together to rob pedestrians on the street in search of some quick cash.  Police officers doing routine patrol of the area recognized the vehicle description in the robbery and had pulled over the suspects without incident.

Press Information Officer Sergeant Jason Dwyer with the San Jose Police Department said, “The suspects were located driving a vehicle and were stopped in that area. Patrol levels are a priority for increased crime.”

According a to a press release by the department,  San Jose’s second homicide occurred on Jan 23 at the 2600 block of Ponselle Court on a report of a person shot.  The female victim in this case has been identified as 43 year old San Jose Resident Anna Duong.  She is believed to have been shot by her live-in boyfriend.

Press releases by other news agencies are also reporting a stabbing death of a third unknown victim.  There were several suspects involved in the stabbing. However the no motive or name of the suspects is known at this time.

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