SWAT standoff for man who abused grandfather

An Arleta man was arrested January 4th after barricading himself in a Los Angeles motel room for nearly four hours. 28-year-old Jason Paul Ramirez was taken into custody by a SWAT Team after LAPD officers suspected Ramirez of possessing a firearm.

According to an LAPD press release, detectives originally intended to arrest Ramirez at a Budget Inn on Sepulveda Boulevard in connection with three robberies he had committed against his grandfather over the last month.

The Budget Inn on Sepulveda was the scene of the SWAT team confrontation

“We had been actively searching for Ramirez for the last week,” said LAPD Captain Todd Chamberlain. “This man’s behavior had escalated toward his grandfather in such a way that we needed to find him quickly.”

After knocking on the motel room door, detectives could hear Ramirez barricading himself before emitting a sound that resembled a shotgun being loaded. As a precaution, the LAPD called in the SWAT Team to detain Ramirez.

“The officers and detectives did the right thing to contain the motel and call SWAT,” said Captain Chamberlain, “Time is on our side in these situations, and we use that time to bring these situations to a successful conclusion without any injuries or loss of life.”

The hours-long standoff came to an end just before noon when SWAT Team members fired tear gas into the room, causing Ramirez to the flee the room and surrender without resistance. Ramirez was later booked for robbery at the Mission Police Station.

While a post-arrest search did not reveal a shotgun, Captain Chamberlain maintained the importance of Ramirez’s arrest.

“[We] have a very dangerous, drug-addicted felon who won’t be brutalizing this grandfather for money to buy drugs [anymore].”

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