Wanted Parolee Arrested after Fighting and Biting a Deputy

TULARE- Jose Barajas, 26, of Terra Bella, was apparently either extremely hungry or furious when he bit a Tulare County deputy. From the police reports, it seems to be the second.

The incident occurred on Thursday December 27 at around 1:30 p. m. when the deputies contacted Barajas, who is a wanted parolee, during a traffic stop. The sheriff’s department reports that during a weapon pat-down, Barajas tried to flee on foot. As the deputy who conducted the arrest tried to stop him from fleeing the scene, Barajas managed to jump behind him and began choking him. The deputy was able to get Barajas off his back.  He then tried to get hold of the deputy’s gun.

As the struggle continued Barajas bit the deputy, braking open the skin on his left hand. He was unable to cause any more injuries as the other deputies arrived and were able to restrain him. The injured deputy received the necessary medical treatment.

According to the sheriff’s department, besides being a wanted parolee, Barajas was found to be in possession of cocaine as well.

He was arrested for allegedly assaulting a deputy and is facing multiple charges. After receiving medical treatment, Barajas was booked at the Tulare County Main Jail.

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