Parking Violation Leads to Arrest

CORNING – What seemed like a simple parking violation led to much more than a ticket for Emanuel Cervantes on Sunday, December 16.

Sergeant Jeremiah Fears noticed that Cervantes’ Ford was parked the wrong way on Houghton Avenue in Corning. As Fears tried contacting him, Cervantes, who had past felony convictions before, ignored him. Fears told Cervantes to step out of the vehicle which he also refused to do and instead “made several deceptive movements around the lower portion of the driver’s seat,” according to Fears.

Sergeant Fears called for backup and, when assistance arrived with their guns drawn, commanded Cervantes to exit the vehicle again and he complied.

The police found a .38 caliber pistol hidden on Cervantes’ right ankle. Oso, Fears’ K-9, also found a pound of processed marijuana in the back of the vehicle.

The passenger, who was in the car also, was questioned and released.

Cervantes was booked into the Tehama County Jail with a bail set at $81,000. He is charged with possession of a concealed firearm, possession of ammunition, possession of marijuana for sale, and obstructing a public officer.

Lesson learned – parking matters.

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