Identity Thief Repeats Identical Crime

Camarillo – Aysha Scott, 27, a resident of the tranquil city of Santa Paula in eastern Ventura County, has a habit that’s apparently difficult for her to break.

Already out on bail for identity theft in Santa Barbara County, Scott was arrested on December 5th on identical charges, according to Ventura County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Sgt. Pete O’Sullivan.  As he detailed in his report to the media, “Detectives from the Camarillo Detectives’ Bureau and Camarillo Special Enforcement Unit served a search warrant” on her Santa Paula residence.

Pursuant to that search, evidence of “large amounts” of stolen property, including stolen credit cards, stolen mail, and “other items” involved in an ongoing identity theft operation were discovered at Scott’s home, O’Sullivan reported.  Following the extensive search of the premises, Detectives identified multiple identity theft victims throughout Ventura County.  “Based upon the total amount of evidence they’re dealing with, investigation and victim identification will continue,” O’Sullivan said, until all victims have been notified that they’ve been the victims of identity theft.

Scott was arrested at her home and booked into Ventura County Jail on charges of forgery, counterfeiting, fraud, theft, burglary, and possession of stolen property, with her bail set at $300,000

Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Captain Bruce Macedo, in addressing the repercussions of this case, took the opportunity to use the media to remind the public of the need for individual active vigilance to prevent identity theft, suggesting “the use of paper shredders, locked mailboxes, and refusing to reveal personal information over the phone of the internet.”  He also made a public suggestion that “everyone is a potential victim”.

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