King City Couple Arrested on Drugs, Forgery

A Sunday night traffic stop by Monterey County Sheriff deputies pulled over a vehicle at the intersection of El Camino Real and Apple Avenue in Greenfield Sunday night just before 9 p.m. and discovered not only an open beer but forged DMV documents, methamphetamine and methamphetamine smoking pipes.

Corner of Apple Avenue and El Camino Real

Arrested in the incident were Alicia Lopez, 39, and Arnoldo Guerrero, 37, both of King City. Their address, according to the report, is just north of King City off of Highway 101 at 44551 Teague Avenue.

Monterey County Sheriff Deputy Arras Wilson said he pulled over the vehicle after witnessing multiple vehicle code violations.

According to Wilson, “There were multiple vehicle code violations and after pulling them over, they had an open beer and forged DMV documents in plain sight which led us to begin to search the vehicle. They were also acting nervous.” In addition to the open beer, deputies hit pay dirt when they found approximately 130 forged registration tabs, the methamphetamine and the smoking pipes.

“I would venture to say they were up to no good,” said the Deputy. If anyone has any information about the couple, they are asked to call the Sheriff’s Tip’s Line at 888-833-4TIP (4347.)

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