Two Arrested for Transporting Liquid Meth in Tequila Bottles

FRESNO – A traffic stop Monday morning near Coalinga led to the arrest of two individuals for an alleged drug smuggling operation.

Police confiscated these bottles

A California Highway Patrol officer stopped 22-year-old Rene Diaz and 38-year-old Veronica Carrasco, both of Oregon, while they were traveling on Interstate 5 around 10 a.m. The officer thought the two suspects seemed nervous, so he brought in a drug-sniffing dog to conduct a search of the car.

The search revealed 15 bottles of Mexican-brand tequila inside the trunk, but the liquid inside of the bottles was not alcohol. The bottles were actually filled with 56 pounds of liquid methamphetamine, according to the CHP. The value of the meth is estimated to be more than $500,000.

“This was an attempt to get by our officers, but our officers are highly trained,” said CHP spokesperson Matt Radke.

This incident highlights a new trend in drug transportation. Mexican cartels have started to manufacture drugs in liquid form to send into the United States and Canada, according to the CHP. Once at their destination, the liquid drugs are refined into their final powder form, disseminated around the country and sold to customers.

Diaz and Carrasco told officers they were traveling from Southern California and heading to Oregon. They have been charged with federal drug trafficking and attempting to traffic across state lines. They are currently being held in the Fresno County Jail.

Photo courtesy of ABC News

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