Arrest Made in Health Clinic Shooting

MARINA—Detectives with the Marina Public Safety have made two arrests in last month’s clinic shooting.  They arrested Jamie Armando Gonzalez, 19, of Monterey and Ramon Alejandro Rosales, 18, of Seaside. Both are known to have gang ties in the area.

Ramon Alejandro Rosales

The arrests come after a month-long investigation into ongoing violence between rival gang members in Marina and the surrounding areas.  Gonzales was arrested on Tuesday at the Marina Police Department and Rosales was arrested as detectives pulled his vehicle over near Davis Road in Salinas on Wednesday.

“We were able to get Gonzales to come into the station under a pretense that he needed to sign paper about a car that he owned,” Investigation Sergeant Aaron Widener said. “We used that opportunity to arrest him for the shooting.”

Jamie Armando Gonzalez

The two were wanted in connection with a shooting that took place outside a Monterey County Health Clinic at 3155 De Forest Road in Marina.  Both Gonzales and Rosales met Jorge Diaz outside the clinic as he and his pregnant wife were going inside for a doctor’s appointment.

The two started arguing with Diaz and one of the suspects shot him multiple times in the torso.  Diaz was flown to a Bay Area trauma center and is expected to survive from his wounds.

Police believe that the shooting was in retaliation for the shooting death of Jamie’s brother Jorge Gonzales in Seaside earlier this year.

The two were booked into the Monterey County Jail on charges of attempted murder, assault with a firearm, conspiracy, gang conspiracy and gang enhancements.  Their bail has been set at $1,485,000 each.

After the shooting last month agencies from around the Monterey Peninsula joined forces and began focusing on gang related crime and that led to the apprehension of Gonzales and Rosales.  The Marina Police Department will now be one of eight agencies involved in the P.V.R.N.T. (Prevent Regional Violent Reduction Narcotic Team)

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