Greenfield Baby Killer Guilty of Murder

New information emerged on a story ran last week regarding the man evidence showed ended a baby’s life far too soon on Sept. 5, 2011.

Diego Burgos

Camilo Esteban Miramontes was born on Oct. 28, 2010 in King City. He did not even live to see his first birthday.

According to a police report, his mother, Aracely Mares, moved Camilo and his two-year-old brother to Greenfield, where they lived with Mares’ boyfriend, Diego Burgos. Before he could celebrate his first birthday, Camilo died on Sept. 5, 2011.

Last week, prosecutors said the 10-month-old baby was murdered at the hands of Burgos.

During Burgos’ murder trial, a doctor testified that the baby’s injuries were sustained by someone swinging the baby by his legs and slamming his head against a wall.

According to the report, the baby was left alone to suffer for at least two days before Mares and Burgos took him to Mee Memorial Hospital in King City, where staff realized the seriousness of his injuries and transferred the baby to Stanford Hospital’s trauma center.

But even Stanford’s top pediatric doctors were not able to save Camilo, who had a fractured skill, bleeding in his brain, broken legs, and several other injuries. According to a coroner’s report, Camilo died from blunt force head trauma.

Burgos was convicted by a jury on Monday of murdering his girlfriend’s 10-month-old son in Greenfield.

According to court reports, Mares testified against her boyfriend during the trial. She said that Burgos, 21, blamed the baby for causing her to miscarry his baby she was pregnant with at the time.

More incriminating testimony followed when a second witness testified that he saw Burgos shake Camilo vigorously and complain about the baby’s crying.

“Burgos said he hated Camilo, that Camilo would never grow old, and that Camilo would be a ‘Downs’ baby,” Monterey County prosecutors said in the court report.

Further testimony came from a doctor who said the baby’s injuries were caused by someone slamming his head against a wall. Several incidents of beatings were reported prior to the fatal beating.

Sentencing is on Nov. 9 and Burgos faces a sentence of 25 years to life.

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