Raid Stops One of Area's Top Cockfighting Operations

ONTARIO – A weekend raid on what is suspected to be the largest cockfighting operation in the region have led to a pair of men facing charges, authorities said on Wednesday.

Approximately 1,000 gamecocks were found during Sunday’s raid in the 13100 block of Cucamonga Ave., while other paraphernalia was discovered that is typically used in cockfighting.

Dominador Oposcolo Soliven, 55, of Hemet, and Antonio Cacayorin Mendoza, 57, were arrested by police on various charges related to cockfighting. Three others, including Oliver Lopez, 55, of Menifee, Virgilio Wong, 61, of Rancho Cucamonga, and Silvestre Colobong, 55, of Hemet, were cited as spectators of the illegal game, according to police.

Humane Society investigator Sylvia Lemus said, “Out of all the years working for the Inland Valley Humane Society, this has been one of the largest findings we have had.” Ontario police and IVHS and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took part in the raid. Cockfighting is common in agricultural areas, said police, focusing in Ontario and neighboring city Chino.

The raid took place in this rural area of Ontario

Cockfighting matches, which typically pair two trained roosters fighting to the death, include gamecocks slashing away with blades attached to their feet. Authorities said they sometimes receive calls about suspected cockfights, and it was an anonymous call on Sunday that led to the raid, the second time in a year that authorities had been called to the Cucamonga Street address. When authorities arrived, they found dozens of cages and overturned water drums being used as rooster shelters. Among other items seized were metal blades, training equipment and wager cards.

One suspect tried to flee with a rooster, but was arrested by police after a traffic stop. The suspects face jail time, fines or probation.

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