Man Impersonates Officer and Attempts to Pull Over Motorist

Man Impersonates Officer and Attempts to Pull Over Motorist

MORENO VALLEY- A man impersonating a police officer and attempting to pull over vehicle with flashing lights was arrested after a witness called 911.

On Friday December 12th a motorist on Highway 60 in Moreno Valley noticed something amiss with a vehicle that was displaying flashing lights and was attempting to pull over a van heading eastbound near the Moreno Beach Drive exit. While the lights and car were similar to what police officers use, the motorist driving behind the tan Chevrolet Impala noticed that car had Louisiana plates. Believing that the driver of the Chevrolet was not actually an officer, the motorist dialed 911 at around 3:00 pm.

Concerned for the safety of the driver of the van, the witness followed the progress of the vehicles. The witness pulled up behind the Chevrolet as the two vehicles pulled over alongside the road. Noticing the third vehicle, the driver of the Chevrolet got spooked and accelerated around the van, exiting at Moreno Beach Drive. The witness then followed the Chevrolet and remained in contact with authorities, leading officers to the suspicious vehicle.

An officer pulled the Chevrolet over and identified the driver as Hezekiah Williams, age 25 of Moreno Valley. Officers questioned Williams and were able to confirm that Williams activated police style emergency lights from his vehicle while behind a van traveling eastbound on the freeway.

According to Sergeant Brian De Marco in a press release, the officer also found a law enforcement badge in William’s possession as well as additional law enforcement related items inside the vehicle. The vehicle was equipped with items similar to those installed in official police vehicles. Following the discovery of these items, Williams was arrested and later booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center for impersonating a police officer.

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