Fresno PD increases efforts to monitor and round up sex offenders

FRESNO – The Fresno Police Department launched a new task force this week aimed at monitoring sex offenders and rounding up the most dangerous unregistered offenders.

The new task force, financed by a $500,000 federal grant, is called Violators of Innocent Children Eradicated (V.O.I.C.E.).  Five Fresno officers make up the force. They will be able to combine forces with federal and state law agencies as well the Fresno Unified School District in order to locate, arrest, and prosecute child sexual predators and exploiters.

“We currently have about 1,650 registered sex offenders in the city of Fresno,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

Among those offenders, 106 are transients, 80 are out of compliance, 50 have warrants out for their arrest, and 400 are on parole.

“A sex offender must register with the jurisdiction which they live in on an annual basis,” Dyer said. “However, if they are a transient sex offender, then they have to register every 30 days.”

Especially because of these transient offenders, it is important to have designated officers out on the streets on a daily basis keeping track of these individuals, Dyer said.

The police department compiled a list of the top 12 most wanted sex offenders, whom police are calling the “Dirty Dozen.” These offenders are all subject to arrest because they have not registered with authorities as required by law.

The department has a website,, where the public can find pictures of sex offenders in Fresno.

The offenders on the site have been identified as Andrew Morales, Dana Montgomery, Troy Renando Hopkins, Juan Garcia Ibarra, Roger Owen Jensen, Brandon Dale Constantino, Paul Derrick Charles, Albert John Walker, Henry Kiki Salinas, Bobby Morales, Arthur Elwood Northcutt, Elbert Earl Markham, Rayvon Boughton, Fidencio Garcia Garza, and Luis Garcia Hernandez.

In addition to the task force, the police department’s new campaign against sex offenders also includes an education component. School age children will be educated on how to recognize sex offenders and how to report them.

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