Police nab dog-napper

IRVINE — A pizza delivery man started off the New Year by being arrested after leading police to the 3-year-old pug he had allegedly dog-napped and was holding for ransom.

Jose Eduardo Fimbres Urbina, 25, of Santa Ana, faces a charge of grand theft following his January 3rd arrest at his home.

Bogart, a 3-year-old pug, was first noticed missing about 9 p.m., Jan. 2. The dog’s owner, an Irvine woman, searched for him with the help of her friends, but had no luck finding the pooch anywhere in her apartment complex or the surrounding area.

The victim had had pizza delivered earlier, prompting her to contact the pizza delivery man, Urbina, to see if he had any idea where the dog might be. Urbina claimed he didn’t but also inquired as to whether or not a reward was being offered for the canine’s safe return.

The woman suggested to Urbina that a reward was being offered and contacted police the next day to report that her dog had vanished.

Police initiated an investigation, which included contacting Urbina and established him as a suspect. Urbina then lead police to his home where the pug was being held.

A happy reunion between dog and owner followed while Urbina was taken to jail.

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