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Early Morning Assault and Brief Standoff Ends in Arrest

Photo: Redbud Lane and Jason Court (Google maps) ANDERSON – During the early morning hours of May 14 the APD received a call about an assault. Officers responded to an

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Opportunist Charged with Attempted Extortion of Actor Kevin Hart

Photo: Jonathan Todd Jackson   LOS ANGELES –  “Action Jackson,” Jonathan Todd Jackson (dob 3/4/77) is facing a possible maximum four-year sentence in county jail for threatening extortion and trying to


Threat Against Vista Del Lago Leads to Arrest

Photo: Ryan Bernal FOLSOM – A heightened awareness  of ways to help prevent shootings on public school grounds includes a heightened response to threats made against schools. Any threat made,


Man Arrested for Burning Tent with Two Occupants

Photo: James Anthony Lawlor SANTA ANA – On January 19 an incident occurred in a vacant lot in the 1300 block of West Tolliver.  Two occupants of a tent that

Los Angeles

Delivery-Person Dropped Suspicious Package At PD’s Door

PASADENA — Police personnel noticed a suspicious package left at the north entrance door of the police department on August 8th at approximately 1:20 PM. Unable to locate the owner,


Metadata Embedded in Photos Links Suspect to Extortion Scheme

Maninder Adama FREMONT– Detectives analyzed metadata that’s normally embedded inside photographs to identify a suspected cyberbully, who allegedly threatened to disseminate a video of a couple having sexual relations—unless they

Contra Costa

Armed Man Found Hiding in Bathroom Arrested at Gourmet Grocery Store

International Foods CONCORD – On June 19th, police captured a suspected robber who tried to hide in the bathroom at a gourmet grocery store in the Four Corners neighborhood, following


Suspects Accused of Threatening Supermarket Employee

Suspects were stopped here (Google Maps) FREMONT – Two men accused of threatening to shoot and attempting to run over a supermarket employee last Monday both remain jailed in lieu

Santa Barbara

Mr. & Mrs. Killers Caught

Jonathan David Highley SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Perhaps subscribing to the principle that “love is blind” and that devotion to one’s spouse which it entails — even when that marital

San Bernardino

Parking Dispute Leads to Gun Brandishing

Felipe Lopez SAN BERNARDINO – Some people take their parking spaces seriously. Apparently 26-year-old Felipe Lopez felt that way last week when someone called 911 concerning a dispute. It seems