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Redding ex-con suffers severe injury in knife attack

On Tuesday night, July 27, the bizarre spectacle of a car, with one tire so damaged that it was riding on just the rim, pulling into the Shasta Regional Medical


Diabolical man exacts revenge on woman and her dog

On Tuesday of this week a woman told Redding Police a story that painted a picture of a disturbed but focused man, who had not only physically abused her, but


Wanted man captured with K9 help

REDDING – Police were after Manuel Everett Perez III for suspected robbery, assault with great bodily injury, and spousal assault. The 36-year-old from Redding is said to be a documented


Redding police finally nail dangerous fugitive

John Nicholas Delevati, 29, a known dangerous criminal, was captured yesterday after nearly escaping police for the second time in two months. Delevati has a criminal record too long to


Redding man jumps to uncertain fate

On Saturday evening, just before 7 pm, Redding Police were sent to a motel at the 500 block of Market Street in north Redding, near the Turtle Bay Exploration Park