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Man Accused of Committing 2 Robberies within Walking Distance

Photo: Edison Small BERKELEY — A man suspected of committing two armed robberies last month remains in custody in lieu of $455,000 bail. He is accused of robbing two businesses


Criminal Threats Help a Barricaded Felon with a Firearm Get Arrested

Photo: Jose Eduardo Mascareno THERMAL – Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Thermal Station Southern Coachella Valley Community Services District, Coachella Community Action Team, La Quinta Special Enforcement Team,

San Bernardino

Victorville PD Detail Nabs Auto-Break-In Burglar and his Loot from Five Cities

Photo: Nicholas Dennis HESPERIA – A Search Warrant Service and Recovery of Property Detail was at the fore when Victorville PD Officers arrived on-scene at the 7700 block of Third

San Bernardino

Suspects Rob Cricket Wireless in Rancho Cucamonga and are Arrested Soon Afterwards

Photo: 8130 Vineyard Avenue Two men committed an armed robbery at a Rancho Cucamonga Cricket Wireless store and enjoyed a short-lived escape before their arrest. At about 3:30 PM on

Contra Costa

No One Hurt: A Man with a Sawed-Off Shotgun Arrested at Home Depot

Photo: Dryden’s confiscated gun MARTINEZ — Police confiscated a sawed-off shotgun and arrested a man inside a Home Depot store on August 29th. Customers and staff had to be evacuated


Shot him in the hand, took him to the hospital

Photo: Eric Moffatt GRASS VALLEY – Early on the morning of September 3rd, a shooting was reported at a residence on the 12000 block of North Bloomfield Road. As deputies

San Benito

Traffic Stop Leads to Arrests in Hollister

Hollister Police Officer Pedro Torres was on patrol the night of August 24th when he pulled over a vehicle on Highway 25. The driver was identified as 33-year old Daniel


2 Men Pulled Over for Erratic Driving Nabbed for Firearms and Narcotics

Photo: what police found EMERYVILLE — Police pulled over a car for erratic driving and nabbed two armed men on September 2. The driver and passenger taken into custody are


Intoxicated Man Walking Around With Gun Arrested In Madera

Photo: Martinez under arrest, and “his” gun On August 25, 2019, Madera residents near Terrance Place and Central reported a man walking around the area with a gun. Police were

Contra Costa

Pizza Hut Robbery Suspects Caught after Driving without Headlights

Photo: Marvin Osegueda-Savaria and Jorge Alvarado-Mata PINOLE — Driving away from the scene of a robbery at night with no headlights was a dead giveaway. Two men and a juvenile