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Deputies Arrest 2 Men, Confiscate Semi-Automatic Rifle and Ammunition

MARIN CITY — Sheriff’s deputies arrested two men and confiscated a semi-automatic rifle and ammunition on Wednesday February 6th. The suspects are believed to be responsible for a shooting incident


Duo Arrested for late night Assault, Sending Victim to Hospital

Photo: Brandon R Wilson and Anthony Tawney YUBA CITY – During the middle of the night (4:00 a.m.) on February 4th the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office received a call about


Two indicted, three arrested for various federal charges

Photo: group recently arrested in Lassen County operation LASSEN – It has been a busy time in court for five Lassen County residents recently. Two were indicted on December 6th,


Security Guard Carrying Banned Pistol Arrested Outside School

Photo: Revel’s weapon SAN RAFAEL — A security guard was arrested while carrying a banned pistol outside a school on Wednesday. The dubious guard was booked on six weapons-related charges,


Illegal Pharmaceuticals Lead to Arrest

Photo: Alaniz’s seized drugs and cash Ventura County – On the afternoon of October 23rd, Ventura County Sheriff’s East County Street Narcotics Team  deputies wrapped up an ongoing investigation into


Gun “Manufacturer” Arrested After Two Month Investigation

Photo: Brandon Lloyd Ventura County – A local gun “manufacturer” is now under arrest. Some people’s fascination with firearms gets to the point that they’ll risk serious prison time to

San Diego

Hemet assault rifle arrest turns up police badge

Photo: Jeovanny Landeros HEMET – Police in Hemet say a man arrested for possessing an assault rifle had other questionable items as well. He also had a police badge and


Records Check Results in Many Drug Charges

Photo: Juan Medina WILLOWS – Early on Tuesday morning a GCSO deputy paid a visit to 30-year-old Juan Medina for a records check. The visit ended up revealing that Medina


Ventura County Man Arrested for Shooting Himself

VENTURA COUNTY — Some people just can’t seem to “win for losing.” The most recent example of that adage may be 25-year-old Ojai resident Tyler Acosta. According to Ventura County

Los Angeles

Georgia Man Arrested with Duffel Bag of Firearms

Christopher Harrison Goodine PASADENA — On the morning of June 21, 28-year-old Christopher Harrison Goodine was arrested for urinating in public at the Sierra Madre Gold Line Station in Pasadena.