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Man Faces 11 Charges Stemming from an Assault and Robbery

BERKELEY — A man arrested five times this year faces 11 new charges, and his probation from a prior conviction has been revoked. He is accused of assaulting and robbing


Two men Arrested for Catalytic Converter Thievery – Released at the Scene

Photo: stolen converters FREMONT — Two men were arrested on suspicion of catalytic converter thievery and illegal drug possession. However, they were immediately released with citations to appear in court,


Man Arrested Near Freeway while Nodding Out in His Car with a Loaded Handgun

Photo: gun and pipes BERKELEY — Sirclinton R. Nelson, 38 of Oakland, was nabbed while nodding out near a freeway ramp with a loaded handgun. Three meth pipes were found


Troublemaker Arrested 15 Times, Jailed Twice this Month on Suspicion of Arson

Photo: Abdulfatah Idris FREMONT — A jailbird is behind bars again and this time bond for his release is set at $75,000. This perpetual troublemaker has been arrested 15 times


Three Men Arrested for Possession or Control of Child Pornography

NOVATO — Two registered sex offenders and one other man face charges for possession or control of child pornography. All three suspects were arrested last Thursday when police searched their


Drunk Driver with a Stolen Gun Arrested after Crashing his Car

MILL VALLEY — A drunk driver carrying a stolen gun was arrested after crashing his car. Apparently, this young man thought he could get away from a California Highway Patrol


Teacher Arrested for Possession of Assault Weapons and Meth

Photo: Robert S. Stimson SAN LEANDRO — Detectives from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man for illegal possession of assault weapons and methamphetamine. The suspect is a fourth-grade


Senior Citizen Sent to Jail on Suspicion of Setting 6 Fires

LARKSPUR— A senior citizen has been sent to jail on suspicion of intentionally setting six fires. These brush fires occurred in Larkspur and neighboring Corte Madera. The first three fires

Contra Costa

Suspect in Custody on Suspicion of Murder and Identity Theft to Obtain Credit

  EL SOBRANTE — A man is in custody on suspicion of murder and identity theft, one day after the victim’s decomposing body was found. The suspect and victim shared


Man Arrested on Suspicion of Attempting to Murder his Ex’s New Boyfriend

Photo: gun recovered SAUSALITO — A man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and domestic violence. The suspect allegedly shot at his former girlfriend’s new boyfriend when he confronted