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Transient Arrested 24 Times all over San Francisco Bay Area

SAUSALITO — A man arrested two dozen times is in police custody again. The man is transient and this time he is locked up at Marin County Jail. He has


Man Arrested for Public Intoxication for Walking Alongside Freeway

Photo: 101 North, Marin County SAN RAFAEL — Zach M. Dangelo, a 40-year-old transient, went on another drinking bender and he got arrested again. This time Dangelo was booked for


Man Arrested on Suspicion of Hit and Run Driving with a Stolen Car

Photo: Target on Eastshore Highway BERKELEY — A man who works for Admiral Security Services was arrested on suspicion of hit and run driving with a stolen car. The suspect


4 Teenagers Suspected of Committing 19 Armed Robberies at ATMs

SAN LEANDRO — Four teenagers suspected of committing 19 armed robberies at ATM machines were arrested and brought to juvenile hall. Four of these armed robberies happened at ATMs in

Contra Costa

Vehicle Burglary Suspects Arrested, Stolen Items Recovered

Photo: here’s what they did SAN RAMON — Two vehicle burglary suspects were arrested while allegedly making their rounds at shopping center parking lots. The pair was picked up by


Deputies Arrest 2 Men, Confiscate Semi-Automatic Rifle and Ammunition

MARIN CITY — Sheriff’s deputies arrested two men and confiscated a semi-automatic rifle and ammunition on Wednesday February 6th. The suspects are believed to be responsible for a shooting incident

Contra Costa

Man Accused of Murdering his Homeless Girlfriend Outside Church

Photo: Grace Lao Lutheran Church RICHMOND — A man suspected of beating his girlfriend to death was arrested on suspicion of murder. The victim was evidently down on her luck


Deputies Arrest Elderly Bicyclist Accused of Attacking a Hiker

Photo: Trail in Mount Burdell Preserve NOVATO — A chance encounter between a bicyclist and a hiker on a mountain trail turned ugly. Marin County Sheriff’s deputies later arrested the

Contra Costa

Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested Across from El Cerrito Police Station

Photo: Freddy Penate-Melara EL CERRITO — A 42-year-old man is in custody for  an attempted sexual assault on two young girls. The suspect was arrested across the street from the


2 Teens Arrested, 2 Cars Impounded for Participating in ‘Sideshows’

Photo: Jonathan Xolocotz (Instagram) FREMONT — Police arrested two 19-year-olds and impounded their cars for participating in street racing “sideshows” in the south end of Fremont. This is a persistent