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Burglary Suspect Caught Trying to Get Away on a Stolen Motorcycle

Photo: Cijos Street SAN RAFAEL — A burglary suspect observed looting a business was nabbed before he could ride away on a stolen motorcycle. The owner used surveillance cameras to


Second Person Arrested in Investigation of 100 Vehicle Thefts

OAKLAND — A second person has been arrested in connection with an ongoing investigation of a ring of car thieves. Of the more than 100 vehicles reported stolen most were


Repeat Offender and 3 Teens Arrested for Laptop Computer Robbery

Photo: Starbucks where the incident occurred SAN LEANDRO — A 25-year-old repeat offender and three teenagers were recently arrested for planning a laptop computer robbery. The mastermind has a criminal


Man Arrested for Masturbating at Library, Threatening Staff and Patrons

Photo: Jallah I Korvah BERKELEY — A man screaming and masturbating inside Berkeley Public Library was asked to leave, but he refused. Instead he was arrested, after becoming increasingly agitated


Burglary Suspect Arrested after Fleeing Twice from American Canyon PD

Photo: Fairfield Inn, American Canyon AMERICAN CANYON — A suspected burglar who attempted to flee twice from police was arrested on September 30th. He is presently being held in custody


College Student in Custody for Murdering a Man for Cannabis

Photo: 900 Oak Street OAKLAND — A college student is in custody for murdering a man during a cannabis robbery last month. The victim was killed in East Oakland’s Fruitvale

Contra Costa

Man Charged with Attempted Murder for Shooting at Convenience Store

Photo: Anthony Heffelmire CONCORD — A man has been charged with attempted murder for shooting at a customer at a busy convenience store. Many other persons were nearby at the


4 Arrested in Connection with Cannabis Store Burglary

Photo: recovered guns, ammunition, cash SAN LEANDRO — Four suspects were arrested a few days after a newly opened cannabis store was burglarized. Numerous weapons, cannabis and a large quantity


Potentially Armed and Dangerous: Jeremy K. Castleberry

Photo: Jeremy K. Castleberry PLEASANTON — Police released a photo and issued a warning about a potentially armed and dangerous man in the area. Jeremy K. Castleberry, 28, evaded captured

Contra Costa

Senior Citizens Arrested on Suspicion of Sexually Molesting Children

Photo: Lonnie Wright and Aldaberto Guardado CONTRA COSTA COUNTY — Two senior citizens are in custody on suspicion of sexually molesting young children. Authorities in east San Francisco Bay area