Suspect in June 16th Modesto Shooting Captured

Suspect in June 16th Modesto Shooting Captured
Photo: Fernando Garcia and his AR15

MODESTO – On June 16th a shooting occurred at 10th and D Streets, injuring two victims.

Eleven days later, on the evening June 27th, officers from the Modesto Police Department Street Gang Unit stopped a vehicle at Litt and Plain View Roads, and made contact with it’s driver.

The vehicle was a red sedan, and its driver was 21-year-old Fernando Garcia. A search of the sedan led to the discovery of an AR15 assault weapon.

Investigation revealed that Garcia was the shooter in the June 16 incident.

He was “booked on two counts of attempted murder, child endangerment and for possession of an assault weapon.”

The MPD continues its investigation into the shooting to determine if there are any other suspects.

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