Pair Stopped, then Arrested for Drugs and Gun

Pair Stopped, then Arrested for Drugs and Gun
Photo: Kenneth Byrd

TULARE – On Wednesday morning around 8:00 AM officers with the TPD began a typical traffic stop near the 1500 block of Stockham Avenue.

Once the car stopped, its passenger exited and attempted to walk away towards the backyard of a home, reportedly with something in his hand.  31-year-old Kenneth Byrd returned from his stroll with nothing in his hands.

tulare-drugs-and gun-2

Gracie Gomez

Further investigation produced a handgun retrieved from the backyard where Byrd had been, and officers determined that it was the object he had left behind.

27-year-old Gracie Gomez was the driver, and for her part she had meth and marijuana in her possession.

The duo were arrested and charged with weapons violations, and a narcotics charge added for Gomez.

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